Optical Scan Voting

Sarasota County uses Optical Scan Voting. Here are three important steps for you to know:

Mark Your Ballot

Completely fill in the oval adjacent to each desired candidate or choice with the marking device provided at the polling place. No marks should be applied anywhere else on the ballot.

 Sarasota County, Florida. Demonstration Ballot

Write-in Candidates (if applicable)

Completely fill in the oval adjacent to the write-in space and clearly write the candidate’s name on the write-in line.

 Marking a write-in candidate

Cast Your Ballot

At the polls, when you have finished marking your ballot, take the ballot to the precinct tabulator and feed it into the optical scan reader.

Image of casting your ballot

IMPORTANT - Make sure you check both sides of the ballot for contests. If you make a mistake or change your mind, contact a poll worker.